Academic Board:

The Institute has constituted the Academic Board to review and approve the academic related matters through meetings when and where required.

The constitution of the Academic Board:

The following shall be the members of the Academic Board:

Sl. No.ConstitutionRole
2.One Representative from the State Board of Technical ExaminationMember
3.One nominee from ISTEMember
4.One member from NITTTR, ChennaiMember
5.Two experts from IndustryMember
6.HOD of ME 
7.HOD of E&CMember
8.HOD of CEMember
9.HOD of CSMember
10.HOD of ISMember
11.HOD of E&EMember
12.HOD of MCMember
13.One Senior  Faculty of the InstitutionMember
14.One Representative of the Alumni of the InstitutionMember
15.Controller of the Examination of the InstituteMember Secretary

Powers and Functions of the Academic Board:

The Academic Board shall have the following Powers and functions

  • ToframecurriculaforthecoursesbasedontheguidelinesofDirectorateofTechnicalEducationandget them approved by the Curriculum Development Cell, DTE, Govt. of Karnataka
  • To decide the teaching methods and sequence.
  • To evolve and adopt suitable practical and project-oriented training programs, educational tours etc.
  • ToupdatethecoursecontentsaccordingtothechangingneedsandcommunicatethemtotheDTE.
  • To device suitable methods of continuous internal evaluation system.
  • To device suitable forms of records for entering marks/grades obtained by the students in the various tests and examinations.
  • To appoint such other adhoc or standing committees to perform such functions as it may delegate in both Curriculum formation and evaluation.

To perform such other functions as may be prescribed by the Directorate of Technical Education for maintaining high standard of technician training