Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC):

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell was constituted by the Institute to inspect / verify all the academic related documents such as IA test books, attendance registers, course plan, continuous internal
evaluation sheets, CO attainments of courses, time tables, practical records, academicals Enders and other academic documents related to the department etc. The committee also prepares the detailed
proceedings of the verification process and further action will be initiated depending on the shortfalls of the evaluation.
The IQAC consists of the following members:

  SI No  Name  Designation
  1  Sri Prashanth Kumar malvade  Lecturer/ME
  2  Smt Pavithra  Lecturer/EC
  3  Smt Shewtha M P  Lecturer/EE
  4  Smt Maheshwari  Lecturer/MC
  5  Sri Roopesh Kumar  Lecturer/CE
  6  Smt Shruthi M  Lecturer / IS
  7  Smt Sowmyashree  Lecturer/CS

Roles& Responsibilities of IQAC:

  • Improvement of quality of teaching by regular inputs to all concerned on feedback of students.
  • Providing inputs for better practices in administration for effective resource utilization of better services to the staff and students.
  • Providing inputs for academic audit and analysis of results for improvement in the areas found weak.